Nian Seng Construction & Renovation Works Sdn Bhd

is a company that provides construction, renovation and interior design services. Our main office is located in Klang, Selangor, Malaysia. We specialised in built up bungalow & factory, interior & exterior design renovation, car porch extension, kitchen extension, brick fencing, furniture wardrobe & kitchen cabinet, tiles concrete table, plaster ceiling, cornice, ceramic work, wrought iron, iron grille, etc.

Nian Seng Construction

We specialized in built up bungalow & factory. Our trusted and dedicated team will help you carry out all works and professionally managed your project from start to end. We are confident that with our expertise, we can fulfil our customer's needs. Contact us today for enquiries or get a quote for your project.

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We Specialised In

  • Interior & Exterior Design Renovation
  • Construction of Bungalow and Factory
  • Car Porch Extensions
  • Kitchen ExtensionsBrick Fencing
  • Furniture Wardrobe & Kitchen Cabinet
  • Tiles Concrete Table
  • Interior Decorators Plaster Ceiling / Cornices
  • Ceramic Works
  • Wrough Iron & Iron Grille
  • Parquest & Polishing Parquest
  • Wiring Installation
  • Water Piping & Plumbing Works
  • Aluminium Window & Shower Screen Door
  • Painting & Skin Coat Works
  • Gutter Works
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